Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Wales in winter

It is so beautiful here at the moment, with dazzling white hill tops and the reservoir partially iced over. We've been spared the snow that much of the country has been seeing recently, and the plans to dig out the toboggans had to be shelved for now, but what we do have is lending itself to some stunning views.
We've just finished a Bodhisattva Ideal retreat, and now Vajrasakhi is on her way to the Chairmen's event at Dhanakosa (if she makes it all the way there!), Candraprabha is driving carefully to Colchester and the rest of us are busy catching up on things here. Sridevi has just returned from Finland where it really had snow!
Next week we begin a two week period of community time when we'll all be here. Hopefully Dhammadinna will join us for some of that time and we'll do some study with her, but we'll have to wait and see if she makes it. The snow is proving a good lesson in letting go of expectations!


  1. you weren't spared the snow for long though were you?! think you should post something about the burger rescue.
    lovely to visit you all,

  2. What a fantastic picture!