Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Heart of Ordination

This year we ar running two new retreats looking at what is at the heart of ordination.
Why join an order ? Why join this order ?

“......although the act of Going for Refuge is an individual act it is, at the same time, an act that takes place within a wider context.....because of this it is able to reveal itself more fully”......sangharakshita

The first of these retreats is

17 - 24 March

led by Vajradarshini Candraprabha Sridevi and Vidyalila
and Sridevi will be leading yoga

We will be looking at.....

The order as a living process and how it changes every time someone is ordained.
Taking our place in the Order is itself a practice. What might this mean?

What does it mean to be a free individual yet join with others in a network of friendships as an order ?

What is the relevance of the private and public ordination and what does it mean to take the precepts from our preceptor ?

Why be altruistic?
Do we have a feel for the Bodhisattva ideal ?

How do we engage with our imagination and myth so that our practice is held in a wider context and doesn't fall into spiritual materialism ?

Another retreat on this theme is 3 - 12 August with the same team