Monday, January 19, 2009

'At Home' at Tiratanaloka

We've just come to the end of two weeks of the community being 'at home', which has been really enjoyable. We decorated the hallways in the community,which took four days of full-on work. Anaglypta is a challenge to paint to say the least, but it is looking so good! If you've ever noticed the germoline pink ceilings in the hallways then you'll appreciate our delight in saying goodbye to some of it! It was a fun way to spend time together and great to see such a change in the environment.
We also had meetings, meditation days and studied with Dhammadinna, our president. And we've watched some good films some evenings! It's not that often we all manage to be here together, so it's been lovely just spending time together and experiencing the easy harmony that can be community living.
Some of us are now planning our first two week retreat of 2009 on the Heart of Ordination. It's a really interesting topic to look at and a great way to gain a clearer understanding of what it means to join the Order. There are still some places available if you'd like to come. There will be 6 of us on the team, including Vajratara, so it's also a good opportunity to meet more of us, and for us to get to know you.
Candraprabha and I (and possibly Vidyalila) are taking on to do a 10km run in Bristol in May and so training is underway. Vajrasakhi and Ratnadharini have just learned how to use a chainsaw (safely) and are having fun with that. And we're all waiting in expectation for the removal of the leylandii by the vegetable plot. They have grown too large and unmanagable and so after a very long time of discussing it they are finally due to come down next week. You'll probably notice it straightaway, but a beech hedge is being planted, although it will be some years before it really looks like a substantial hedge, but it'll be a good lesson in patience.
A happy new year to you all and we hope to see many of you up here throughout the year.