Tuesday, May 03, 2011

17 June - 1 July 2011
How ethical do you really think you are? Do you believe that the small things don't really matter? Why does skilful action lead to seeing reality as it really is? Doesn't ethical practice inhibit spontaneity? Doesn't confession lead to an experience of guilt? How can I stay conscious of my ethical practice?
If any of these questions have ever crossed your mind then our Ethics to Insight retreat is the place for you to explore, discuss and reflect on them. Sangharakshita says that Going for Refuge is the lifeblood of our practice and observing the precepts is that blood circulating around every fibre of our body. At ordination the taking of the Refuges and 10 precepts from our preceptor is the central part of the private ordination ceremony.
Come and study Sangharakshita's 'The Ten Pillars of Buddhism' with us and practice the precepts and confession amongst your Dharma sisters both in the Triratna Buddhist Order and those moving towards joining the Order.
We currently have 8 places still available on this retreat. Please book with the office at office@tiratanaloka.org or call 01874 676482. Send a £50 non-refundable deposit to Bookings, Tiratanaloka, Talybont-on-Usk, Brecon, Powys LD3 7YS.
Cost is £475(waged)/415(low-waged/part-time)/350(unwaged)

Monday, May 02, 2011

Spring update

A lot has happened since we last updated the blog. After the goodbyes to Vidyalila and Ratnadharini we had a team of 6 for a couple of months when we had some community time, looking at Bhante's 10 points from the re-imagining paper (called 'Buddhophany') and did a ritual to mark this new phase of the team. Then the retreat centre was quiet as we'd not planned any retreats then, hoping the new roof would be put on the conservatory, but this didn't happen as our builders got so behind with their contracts due to the terrible snow we had earlier in the year. Our architect found us a new builder who began the insulation work, but the conservatory roof is yet to be done. One week we were inundated with men; with builders (insulating the sloping roofs), window installers (we're completely double glazed now), plumbers (re-doing the hall shower room), an electrician and then some men cutting trees near the power lines in the back garden.

We had our yearly working retreat, with the germoline pink ceiling in the 1st floor ceiling vanishing, as well as the anaglyta wallpaper. Thank goodness that's gone!
A lot of work was also done in the garden and as ever we are really grateful for the hard work from everyone involved. Bit by bit the retreat centre is looking it's best.

Vajratara arrived during the working retreat and has been settling in here. The team did a puja together to mark her arrival and she was soon on retreat and is now recovering at her parents for a few days. We're happy to welcome her to the team. Candraprabha and Maitreyi have been away a fair bit looking after their mum's, whilst Amritamati went on a solitary and then to London to lead a day on faith at the LBC with Vajrasakhi. The two of them enjoy leading days together at different centres so do invite them if you'd like.

A few of us drove up to Scotland for the first womens National Order weekend north of the border. It was a long, but at times beautiful, drive and we appreciated meeting some dharmacharinis who don't tend to get to the Order weekends further south. We drove back minus Kalyanasri who spend a couple of weeks up there seeing friends.

We've just had our first young women's weekend here, with 18 women under the age of 40 coming, although Ratnadharini was also on the team and said she counts as two young people! Everyone seemed to enjoy it and would like us to offer a one week retreat next. We start planning our 2012 programme in July, so watch this space.

We look forward to sharing further sunny weather with some of you over the summer (it didn't rain hardly at all on the last retreat...honest). There are still places on the June Ethics to Insight retreat, so contact the office for details if you'd like to come at office@tiratanaloka.org or call 01874 676482..