Saturday, August 15, 2009

August update

Well, it seems summer came and went quite quickly, but how lush and green are the hills and valleys. Beautiful, if damp!

Most of the community are here at present, with only Maitreyi away caring for her mum. Amritamati is off on an intensive meditation retreat soon (up at 4am everyday!) and everyone else is on the Transcendental Principle retreat, which includes a Spanish speaking group. It's always great having groups from Europe coming together and so far we've had groups from Spain, Germany and France. It also can add a different dimension to the pujas and it's lovely to hear the Heart Sutra spoken in another language.

Talking of people from abroad...we have an extra GfR weekend coming up on 4-6 September, led by Maitreyi, Karunamaya and Tarahridaya. Tarahridaya is an dharmacharini from India and Karunamaya has been living and working there with TBMSG for many years. It is quite late notice for this weekend we realise, but it's not been easy negotiating via e-mail and phone to India, so we really hope we see a good crowd of you here that weekend. It's not often we get the chance to spend time with one of our dharma sisters from India, so do make the most of the opportunity if you can. E-mail or call the office if you'd like to come. It's called 'What is Enlightenment for?'...a good question!

Enjoy what's left of the summer.