Tuesday, September 14, 2010


As already mentioned in July Vidyalila is leaving and has now decided to leave at the end of December. She's still undecided where she is moving to, but has a number of options to consider.

Another team member who has decided to leave is Ratnadharini. She has been here for about 14 years and feels it's time to move onto something different after such a long time, which will probably first mean a sabbatical from any major projects, living quietly in Wales and following threads in her practice. She has been an important part of Tiratanaloka and will be missed by a lot of women. She is also going to leave at the start of January, so if you'd like the opportunity to be on retreat with her before she goes then book on the What is the Order retreat over Christmas and the New Year. There are still a few places available.

Vajratara will be coming to join the team later next year (no date yet). I'm sure many of you will know her from Sheffield and from her supporting retreats here over the last few years. We're pleased she'll be joining us.

We're having a few days together as a community at the moment, although people are heading off too. Maitreyi and Kalyanasri are off to the ordination retreat at Akashavana in the next couple of days and Candraprabha is returning to Ireland again to help care for her mum. We have a Refuge Tree retreat starting on Friday, with only 12 of us on it, so it'll be a spacious and intimate fortnight, exploring the Refuge Tree and doing the Going for Refuge and Prostration practice together. The three of us running it are very much looking forward to looking at the more mythic aspects of our practice.

We posted our 2011 programme this morning, so you should all receive it in the next few days. We hope you like what we're offering and will come to spend time with us next year.