Sunday, October 19, 2008

Working together

We've just finished our annual work retreat and this year 10 women came to work, meditate and study together for a week with members of the Tiratanaloka community. We were decorating in the retreat centre and working in the garden - loads got done! Here are some pictures of the fruits of our efforts. We had fun too (and lots of biscuits - thanks to Vajrasakhi). Next year we'll be running another work retreat followed immediately by a week focussing on meditation - you can come on either or both.

One of our offerings at the end of the retreat was Rachel's poem below:-

The Lakshanas of Room 4

Sweet satisfaction
Of peeling paper
All things are impermanent
We say as if in apology

Peeling paint!
We nervously peer through the door
The imperfections become our friends
What truths can these walls teach us?

Nearly done!
Just doors and skirting to go
Paint lumps you are insubstantial
And yet you refuse to budge