Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Year ending

The year is drawing to a close and many of you have already booked for a retreat here next year, which is great. There are still a few places available on the Bodhisattva Ideal retreat starting 19th December until 2nd January if you're starting to feel that you'd like to mark Christmas and the New Year exploring such an inspiring theme with friends in the sangha, surrounded by the beauty of Tiratanaloka. Just e-mail us at the office if you're interested.

We've had a busy time here recently, with the College of Public Preceptors holding their meeting here for 10 days, which we supported by cooking as a community, whilst Maitreyi and Ratnadharini attended the meeting. During that time we also spend time as a community, tuning in together, being led through 2 days of reflection by Ratnaguna, and then sharing our life stories in 15 minutes each, which were enjoyed by all. It's amazing how much you can say about your life in such a short time, and we felt we could understand things about each other more as a result. It's been interesting following areas up with each other too.

We've all just been at Padmaloka for the National Order Weekend, which was on the theme of giving the Dharma. It was a very good weekend, with 102 Dharmacharinis there at it's peak, including a number of new OMs who introduced themselves to us all. That is always a very lovely part of the weekend. It feels very special to be able to sit and practice in the beautiful shrine room there surrounded by so many other women practitioners. You understand why Bhante emphasises the importance of collective practice and gathering in large numbers.

Last night we drove through the rain (nothing unusual in that!) to see 'Kind Hearts and Coronets' on the big screen for Brecon's monthly film club night. If you haven't seen it it's an old black and white film where Alec Guinness plays 8 parts. Very funny...and Sridevi and I spotted a Kuanyin statue in the background of one scene!

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in 2010. Enjoy the festive period whatever you are doing!